Dillon, Colorado

Dillon, Colorado is located in the center of Summit County.  Dillon Reservoir was
originally a naturally formed lake that remained unnoticed until the mid-19th
century, when gold was discovered in the area. Upon this discovery, the trading
post town of Dillon was formed. The town of Dillon was at the confluence of the
Blue River, Snake River, and Ten Mile Creek.  Today, homes and condominiums line
the banks of Lake Dillon.  Most with spectacular views of the lake and Ten Mile Range.

The Dillon dam was constructed in 1961, enlarging the small finger lake into the massive
reservoir it is today. The original town of Dillon was left to be flooded over and
residents were forced to move. Many original buildings are now in Dillon and
Silverthorne. The original road leading to the old town, seen easily from
both the Dam Road and Swan Mountain Road, is still used as a boat ramp.

Both Dillon and Frisco have marinas on the reservoir. The Lake Dillon Marina is
currently under going some reconstruction and should offer some needed changes for
the summer of 2011.

The reservoir is the center of attraction for the town and surrounding area.
During the winter months, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and an occasionsal ice boat
are common activities. For the warmer months, the Lake Dillon Marina is open and
hundreds of sailboats can be seen docked or sailing. Lake Dillon Yacht Club hosts
many weekend racing regattas and also provides sailboats for rent.  With an
elevation of 9,017 the Dillon Yacht Club is the highest yacht club in North

During ski season, thousands of people flock to the Dillon Reservoir area. Dillon
Reservoir is close to four ski-resorts. Arapahoe Basin is medium sized resort that
is approximately ten miles from the lake. Keystone Ski Resort is a large tourist
destination that is located approximately five miles away. Breckenridge, which is
one of the largest ski resorts in Colorado, is located approximately seven miles
from Dillon Reservoir. Copper Mountain is located approximately eight miles from
Dillon Reservoir.